Kentaro Yanagi


Born in Tokyo in 1969. As a boy, Yanagi rode his bicycle once a month to the toy store to buy a model kit. Sometimes he focused so intensely on building these that he forgot to eat. In 2005, he opened his own studio and began his career as an artist. Many of his works make viewers laugh, but they also express with skill and precision messages concerning the social nature of humans, love, and dreams.

2005 Completed construction of his private studio Atelier Flame
2019 Demonstration, GAS Conference (Florida)
   Instructor, Pilchuck Glass school (Seattle)
   Demonstration & Lecture at ILGAF (China)
2021 Ichihara Art×Mix 2020+
Currently a lecturer at Tokyo Glass Art Institute and Shizuoka University of Art and Culture. Also a fisherman and a glass sculptor and master artisan.