Rikuji Makabe


Born in Ishikawa in 1971. Graduated from Tama Art University and began his career as a painter in 2000. From 2008, Makabe began producing site-specific works both in Japan and abroad, employing mural painting techniques while also producing paintings on canvas. Using motifs of trees and scenes from nature, he paints on wooden boards, which he arranges in collages focused on such themes as memory, religion, life and death. His works are a visual expression of things which cannot be contained in words, such as the mystery of nature and of life, the world in all its cultural diversity, and the fusion of value systems. He is currently based in Kanazawa.

Major Works and Exhibitions
2021 Northern light, Kurobe City Art Museum, Toyama, Japan
2021 Beyond the Rainy Sky, Gallery O2, Ishikawa, Japan
2021 Art at Fuliang, Fuyang County, Jiangxi Province, China
2020 Green Gradation, Cassina ixc Dell’arte, Tokyo Japan
2019 Mural Painting at Yangcheng Lake, Taikang Art Museum, Suzhou, China