Shamijima was once an island, but in recent history, the narrow sea channel was filled to connect it to the mainland. Though very small, Shamijima contains many traces of Japanese history, including an ancient burial mound.

Getting Around the Island

Shamijima can be reached from JR Sakaide station by bus. A short walk through Seto Ohashi Park and past the cove that harbors Shami Fishing Port brings you to what was once the island of Shamijima but has since been connected to the land.

Coin Lockers / Baggage Check

Seto Ohashi Park free lockers from 9:00-17:00.
JR Sakaide station lockers from 9:00-17:00; 300 yen to 700 yen.

Accommodations around Shamijma

There are some hotels in Sakaide city, Kagawa.
Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association