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2019.05.05 Fram Column 04 : A Journey to Learn and Discover

After the Triennale started, I went to see some of the new works that are now finished. I saw lots of people walking around the Mitoyo peninsula on Shodoshima. In a region known for its stunning views, this area offers some of the most beautiful, and the hikers looked relaxed and refreshed within this setting. The hospitality of the local people is wonderful too. The pleasure they take in offering visitors refreshments, like rice balls and somen noodles, is tangible.

On Teshima, I examined a conceptual model that reveals the thought processes involved in the next work by Chiharu Shiota and Tsuyoshi Tane. “Is it normal to make a model like this?” one of the staff members asked. “We always do,” was the answer. I was very impressed. Afterwards, I took in the view of the sea from a bench at Teshima Islandscape, an artwork beside the bistro Teshima Sengyo. It was a lovely feeling. I had the lunch set with fresh flounder made by the island women which was very tasty. In fact, I recommend all of the local seafood dishes. They’re delicious.

At 4:00 in the afternoon, I went to The Kagawa Museum to see the exhibition Amazing Graphics in the Edo Period. I highly recommend it. On display were about 2,000 works from illustrated natural history books produced by successive members of the ruling Matsudaira clan. It’s an astonishing collection of masterpieces unparalleled in their fine detail and artistic devices. Clearly, the Triennale is not just passionate about contemporary art, but also about the locale. It’s a journey that let’s us learn about the area and discover the value of what’s already there.

After a bowl of Sanuki udon noodles at Waraya, I enjoyed Ram Katzir’s Suitcase in a Bottle, a work that floats on a pond and conjures up travelers, which in this day and age includes refugees, laborers, and tourists. This richly packed evening concluded with A Night of Kinema and Music in Yashima, a work that continues to develop and evolve with each performance. Movie narrator Raiko Sakamoto and the three talented musicians did a fabulous job.