Traditional Culture

Hana: Manyo Tea Ceremony

The following passage is a really famous classical Japanese poetry of Hitomaro Kakinomoto who drifted to Saminenoshima (Shamijima).

Like a ball, beautiful seaweed, Sanuki land, we does not get tired of just looking at that, because of the origin of land.

The local Sencha group, which has been working for inheritance and conservation of typical local culture, hold a tea ceremony and a lecture. The participants can taste a flavor of Manyo with Sencha.
Tea ceremony, flower arrangement and incense burning are called “ a gathering performance”, and these performing arts occurred from Buddhism. From old times, they have own troupe and have been propagated from court noble culture to warrior culture. In Edo period, people who have a lot of hobbies enjoy a gathering performance until we arrive at the present with a time of 2000 years.
This time, Yasuko Ikenobou who was a wife of the head of school Ikenobou flower arrangement with the root of flower and having a history of 550 years will talk about “Flower”, and have a tea ceremony with court music of ancient Japan by Kagawa prefecture shrine office.

Event Information

Shamijima, Shamijima Area