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Naoshima Architectures Tour

Naoshima has many public structures that were designed by different architects. Naoshima Elementary School, built in 1970, and Naoshima Hall, designed by The Prize of AIJ 2017 winner Hiroshi Sanbuichi, are among Naoshima's representative public buildings on this tour. Facilities normally not open to the public you will visit include Naoshima Elementary School, the inside of Naoshima Town Hall, as well as Matabe.

※ One day trip, no meal, no attendant
※ Minimum number of personnel: 2 people

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Naoshima, Others
05.12/SUN , 05.19/SUN , 07.27/SAT , 08.03/SAT , 08.17/SAT , 10.05/SAT , 10.12/SAT , 10.26/SAT , 11.02/SAT
Admission 3000yen( Reservation is required.)
Notes [Application] Benesse Art Site Naoshima
We accept reservation with web reservation system
As detailed travel conditions will be given in advance, please apply after confirmation.
URL: http://benesse-artsite.jp/program/

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