Fukutake House 2020 Asia Gallery Exhibition “The Sceneries and Portraits of the Eras”

This exhibition features photographs by Amanda Heng, the winner of the 12th Benesse Prize, as well as a selection of the key works of Japanese artists who have rarely been showcased hitherto from the collection of Benesse Art Site Naoshima. These works invites viewers to consider the currents of the different eras and their transformations, including those that reflect the unique milieu of particular social eras such as "the 1970s", "the bubble economy", "the scrap & build urbanization culture", etc..

Event Information

Shodoshima, Fukuda
09.19/SAT , 09.20/SUN , 09.21/MON , 09.22/TUE , 09.25/FRI , 09.26/SAT , 09.27/SUN , 09.28/MON , 10.02/FRI , 10.03/SAT , 10.04/SUN , 10.05/MON , 10.09/FRI , 10.10/SAT , 10.11/SUN , 10.12/MON , 10.16/FRI , 10.17/SAT , 10.18/SUN , 10.19/MON , 10.23/FRI , 10.24/SAT , 10.25/SUN , 10.26/MON , 10.30/FRI , 10.31/SAT , 11.01/SUN , 11.02/MON , 11.03/TUE
11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Last admittance 4:30 p.m.)
Admission JPY510  * free for children 15 and under
Notes Due to prevent the spread of the COVID-19, request to make a reservation in advance via the website when visiting Fukutake House. (Admission may be limited in case of crowded conditions.) Thank you for your understanding.

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Organized by: Fukutake Foundation
Cooperation from: Benesse Holdings, Inc., Shodoshima town, Fukuda Residents’ Association
Curated by: Akiko Miki