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Shunsuke Imai: Skirt and Scene

Shunsuke Imai (1978-), an artist known for his painting series featuring vividly colorful stripes, will hold his first solo exhibition at a museum.
The painting series, displaying images suggestive of waves or flags rendered with a distinctive Pop color sense, is based on experiences of being powerfully struck by the pattern on an acquaintance’s swaying skirt or the colors of fast fashion items stacked at a mass retailer. Imai has since explored expression while lightly commuting between figurative and abstract, flat and three-dimensional, and art and design.
With a primary focus on paintings, this exhibition will display the entire scope of Imai’s output from his early works to latest productions, ranging in genre from sculpture and video to installation. Viewers, who must cope with visual information overload in contemporary society, will feel their senses awakened by the fresh rhythm of Imai’s shapes and colors.

Event Information

Honjima, Others
09.24/SAT , 09.25/SUN , 09.27/TUE , 09.28/WED , 09.29/THU , 09.30/FRI , 10.01/SAT , 10.02/SUN , 10.04/TUE , 10.05/WED , 10.06/THU , 10.07/FRI , 10.08/SAT , 10.09/SUN , 10.10/MON , 10.12/WED , 10.13/THU , 10.14/FRI , 10.15/SAT , 10.16/SUN , 10.18/TUE , 10.19/WED , 10.20/THU , 10.21/FRI , 10.22/SAT , 10.23/SUN , 10.25/TUE , 10.26/WED , 10.27/THU , 10.28/FRI
Admission Admission: Adults ¥950, Students (college, university) ¥650, Children (0 year to highschool) free
Notes For the details; https://www.mimoca.org/en/exhibitions/2022/07/16/2595/