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mamagoto (Playing house)/①『Ayumi(short version)』、②『Repetitive and Consecutive』 Performing plays in a more familiar and richer way, as if it is just like "mamagoto (playing house)".

The theater group "mamagoto" has been continuously performing on Shodoshima Island since the Setouchi Triennale 2013. They have created and performed various forms of theater, mainly in the Sakate area, including "Osanpo Theater", a play created by researching the island's history and memories, “mamagoto×Switch Research Institute."Shodoshima Kimodame Switch", a test of courage play created with the islanders, and "Cafe mamagoto", a cafe with a view of the sea, which was launched with the catchphrase, "We tried to make a theater, but it became a cafe." etc. For the Setouchi Triennale 2022, two of Yukio Shiba's early short plays filled with theatrical devices will be performed in various situations in the Seto Inland Sea.

『Ayumi(short version)』(Performing date: November 3)
This work, in which multiple actors connect the time spent by two girls, Ayumi and Miki, will be recreated as a Setouchi Triennale version.

『Repetitive and Consecutive』(Performing date: November 5)
This work, created with multiple recordings as its starting point, in which a single actor performs a series of roles to depict a morning scene, will be recreated on "Teshima,".

Written and directed by Yukio Shiba
Performer (『Repetitive and Consecutive』):Niina Hashida, Riki Ishikura, Kaoruko Oyama, Yaeko Kaneda
Performer (『Ayumi(short version)』):Kaoruko Oyama, Satoko Shimizu
Stage Director:Hayato Kanetsuki
Sound Design (『Repetitive and Consecutive』):COB
Costume:Kai Takizawa(PHABLIC×KAZUI)
Production:Nakaba Katoh, Takuo Miyanaga
Planning and Production:General Incorporated Association mamagoto

Event Information

Shodoshima, Ikeda Port
Shodoshima Ikeda Gymnasium
Teshima, Karatooka
Teshima, Karatooka, Karato Kodo
Admission Advance purchase = 1,000 yen for adults Admission at the door = 1,200 yen for adults (1,000 yen with passport) Elementary, junior high and high school students: 500 yen (both in advance and at the door) [Advance tickets available at the MAMAGOTO website. (https://mamagoto.org/