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Katsuhiko Hibino


【aw01】Katsuhiko Hibino "Setouchi KAITEI TANSASEN BIJYUTSUKAN Project" /《Boarding "OTOTOIMARU"》

During the exhibition period, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, we will hold an event in which visitors can board the "Ototoimaru".
The "Setouchi KAITEI TANSASEN BIJYUTSUKAN Project" (it means Undersea Exploration Boat Art Museum) consists of the "Ototoimaru", a floating art museum on the sea that exhibits artifacts and related items salvaged from the sea bottom, the "Sokosoko SOZOSHO"(Imagination Center) permanently installed on Awashima Island in Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, and the "Re-ing-A" that will appear on Nishihama during the Triennial period. This project has been ongoing since the Setouchi Triennale 2013.
Through this project, viewers can appreciate artifacts salvaged from the sea and imagine the sea beneath the ship, recalling the connection between the sea and life since time immemorial.

Event Information

Awashima, Community Area
10.01/SAT , 10.02/SUN , 10.08/SAT , 10.09/SUN , 10.10/MON , 10.15/SAT , 10.16/SUN , 10.22/SAT , 10.23/SUN , 10.29/SAT , 10.30/SUN , 11.03/THU , 11.05/SAT , 11.06/SUN
11:30、13:15、15:00(3times / day)
Admission JPY 1,000
Notes Capacity = 20 people (Registration in front of the artwork on Awashima)