2019.04.21 The box lunch sales in Shamijima.

In Shamijima, the box lunch sales will start by local people to make atmosphere more excited in Yotoh area of 5 islands.
Local people took soup stock from Trafugu that raised in Nakanda beach, and they provide special Trafugu box lunch with Fugu rice containing much sliced fish during Spring session for every day,

In addition, from 4 islands except for Shamijima(Seijima, Yoshima, Iwakurojima, Hitsuishijima), each special lunch with local characteristic will be provided.

By the way, 「Why did Shamijima connect with main island?」「What is Yotoh area of 5 islands?」
Please check our Blog "Exploring Setouch", if you have doubts about that.

Exploring Setouch
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