2019.08.03 【A special planned tour】Shikoku village, Yashima and Kitahama, Harf a day tour

Every Saturday in the summer season (July 19-August 25), special tours are held for three areas where the new artworks are exhibited (around Takamatsu Port: Shikoku village, Yashima, Kitahama).

Departure is from the evening, so if you can not go to the island due to late arriving in Takamatsu, you can join this tour. And even participating is possible, after visiting the island during the day!

In Shikoku village, you can also see the Shikoku village Gallery Exhibition "Genichiro Inokuma-My favorite things-".

Please enjoy the special tour around Takamatsu Port from evening to night.

Photo: Shikoku village (Ram Katzir)