2019.05.10 Megijima "Setouchi gastronomy"(EAT&ART TARO)

Special lunch produced by artist, EAT&ART TARO is provided at restaurant " IARA" established together with artwork "The Presence of Absence" by Leandro Erlich in Megijima.
EAT&ART TARO makes artworks with a theme of jobs.
It is a 30 minutes lunch show, and you may know deliciousness of Setouchi unintentionally.

2019.05.10 Shima Kitchen

Designed by Ryo Abe, the restaurant’s large roof wraps around tables providing seating in an airy, semi-outdoor space. Local women have collaborated with chefs from the Marunouchi Hotel to develop an original menu of delicious cuisine based on local fish and produce, while the terrace area is frequently used for music, dance and other events and workshops. Shima Kitchen has established itself as a real local platform, bringing people together through art and food.

2019.05.09 18th and 19th May, traffic congestion will be expected at the parking lot around Uno port.

On 18th(Sat) and 19th(Sun) May, traffic congestion will be expected at the parking lot, because "23h Tamano・Port festival" will be held.
There are not so many parking lot around Uno port, so we advise going by public transportation.
Please check the following link for the details.

How to get to Uno port by traffic transportation, please check the following link.

2019.05.07 On May 12(SUN)-Some artwork is impossible to see due to power failure in Oshima.

On May 12(Sun) -The following artworks in Oshima is impossible to see due to power failure.

os01 Blue Sky Aquarium(Seizo Tashima)
os06 Ayumi Kitarite(Fuyuki Yamakawa)
os08 Moon landing(Tomoko Konoike)※Because this art is using a monitor screen, it is impossible to see.
os09 {Tsunagari no Ie}cafe SHIYORU ※Only cold drinks can be served.

2019.04.25 《Info》Eco station

The eco station (large garbage) is specially established at Takamatsu port, Uno port, Shodoshima( Tonosho port, Ikeda port, Kusakabe port, Sakate port, Fukuda port) and Shamijima.

Please be sure to carry your trash back to home or eco station.