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2019.09.27 Christiaan Bastiaans "Valuable Cargo"

Details of the new artwork “Valuable Cargo” that will be performed (E30) around Takamatsu Port and video installation (os10) in Oshima during the fall season of the Setouchi Triennale 2019 will be announced as follows.

Date|11.01/FRI , 11.02/SAT


Venue|Small Hall 1, Takamatsu Sunport Hall

Based on a video installation exhibited in Oshima, popular actors in Japan and Europe will appear on stage. Draw a world of illusions that combine video and performance. By sharing time and space with the actors, the audience will feel more physically and directly the experience of those who have been isolated in Oshima for a long time. And Akira Emoto specially appears only on this stage.

Advance Ticket: 4,000yen
Today's ticket: 5,000yen
Passport holder:4,500 yen
elementary school to high school students: 2,000 yen( Both advance ticket and today's ticket)
Preschoolers: No admission

Sales counter|
Advance ticket:
Today's ticket: Reception desk at the venue on the day

Direction|Christiaan Bastiaans
Performers|Akira Emoto, Maruschka Detmers, Shizuka Ishibashi, Hélène Vrijdag etc.

* Yoshito Ohno only appeares in the video.
Cast in the video|Liv Ullmann, Yoshi Oida, Yoshito Ohno, Rayna Campbell, Ángela Molina, Anne Ratte-Polle, Claron McFadden, Stefan Stern, Nora Céline Ramakers

How to buy a ticket
Buy online:
Access the following URL from a PC, mobile phone or smartphone and search for “Setouchi Triennale”.
◎ Peatix
◎ Eplus
* Online sales are available only for the advance ticket.
* Please buy the today's ticket at the reception desk on the day.

About video installation (os10)
Date | September 28 (Saturday) to November 4 (Monday, National holiday) (Oshima closed days: October 17, 20, 24)

Time | 10: 15-16: 00

Place | Aji 2nd Elementary School Gymnasium on Oshima

Content | A video work on the people of Oshima who have been isolated for a long time. A documentary that films interaction with residents when the world-famous actress Liv Ullman visits Oshima intersects with fiction filmed in Japan and Europe.

Fee | 300 yen