Press Release


2019.10.10 Due to the approaching Typhoon #19, The Setouchi Triennale 2019 artworks and facilities will be closed all day on October 12, Saturday.

Typhoon #19 is approaching according to information issued by the Takamatsu Meteorological Agency. Artworks and facilities will be temporarily closed all day except some artworks on October 12. All events on this day will be cancelled.

*More information about Benesse related artworks and facilities closing can be found at the Benesse Art Site Naoshima, please check this website for further information:

*No. sd27 “GEORGES gallery” on Shodoshima and No. sd32 “Fisherman's Dream” in Twenty-Four Eyes Movie Village, Shodoshima will be open normal hours on October 12.

*No. mg19 “Oninoko Tile Project” in Onigashima Cave on Megijima, No. tk13 “Portraits of Architecture in JAPAN: Stories of its protagonists” at The Kagawa Museum, No. tk15 “Suitcase in a Bottle” in Takamatsu Yashima, No. tk16 “Place out of Time” in Shikokumura, No. tk18 “Watch Tower” in Takamatsu Ryuozan each have a website, so please check for further information.

Some artworks will be closed from the morning on October 11 due to damage prevention. The artworks will be reopened after checking the condition, and events will be expected to be held as well on October 13.

Depending on the typhoon’s track, the information may be changed. We will update the detailed information of artworks, facilities and events as Urgent Information on our website, Please do not go near the artworks because it is very dangerous during these closed hours.

別添「ベネッセアートサイト直島 作品・施設一覧」

Benesse Art Site Naoshima A List of Artworks&Facilities