2015.08.04 MIKAN Meets Islanders to Discuss Triennale 2016

Hi, I’m N, in charge of PR for the Triennale. I hope you’ve had a great summer.

MIKAN, a team of architects and university students, will be following up on groundwork laid during the 2013 Triennale on the island of Ibukijima. On August 1st, they met with local islanders to discuss the outline of their project for 2016.

The concept is to convert an abandoned elementary school into an art site that will represent the island and its unique culture. Participants were a bit shy at first, but the discussion quickly took off as they thought about what kind of artwork they wanted and where to install it, as well as what functions it should serve and how they could continue to maintain it. The two hours was up in no time! Judging by the enthusiasm displayed and plans for continued consultation, this is going to be a great collaborative work of art.

Ibukijima will join the autumn session of the 2016 Triennale. I can’t wait to see the end result!