2015.07.10 First Day of Fram’s Setouchi Food School!

Fram’s Setouchi Food School started on June 28! The purpose of the school is to develop key people who will become the driving force of the Food Project for the upcoming Triennale.

The first session was about “Defining Local Food”. After a lecture by General Director Fram Kitagawa concerning the purpose of the Food Project, contemporary artist EAT & ART TARO, who is also an official advisor for the Food School, gave a presentation on his Island Soup Project from Setouchi Triennale 2013. Participants were able to sample Island Soup, which has become a Triennale legend. Participants also learned about the history of Ibukijima iriko (sardines), which are used to make soup stock, as well as about local seafood and fishing methods. Ibukijima is one of the Triennale islands, but did you know that Ibukijima iriko are processed within 30 minutes of being caught? No wonder they are so fresh! This is what makes the flavor of Ibukijima iriko so outstanding.

The approach to instruction was “look, listen and eat!”, and the content of the sessions was very rich. With such enthusiastic students, the 3 hours just flew by, and everyone went home with a full stomach and much food for thought.

The next lesson was scheduled for 2 weeks later. I’m sure the participants can’t wait to develop culinary delights for visitors to Setouchi Triennale 2016.