2013.10.06 The Autumn Session Has Begun

The autumn session began on October 5 with opening ceremonies held on Honjima, Takamijima and Awashima. The programs, which started from the morning and took place in the rain, highlighted the unique features of each of the three new islands as well as those of the cities of Marugame, Tadotsu and Mitoyo in which they are located. I accompanied Governor Hamada, Producer Fukutake and three National Diet members to each one. In the evening, there were talks and informal discussions in Takamatsu and Naoshima with the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts and a group from Shanghai. It is after midnight and I am writing this in the Koebitai Office as we prepare for the second day.
The islands added for the autumn session all look great. Collaboration between the artists and islanders on each has been fantastic, and with the opening of more than 10 shops altogether, local expectations are high. The islanders’ enthusiasm and desire to participate comes through loud and clear. “Using art as an impetus for reviving local communities”: not even I realized just how important this approach would be. I am sure that the passion of the many people involved in the ceremonies conveyed to all participants the potential of contemporary art.

The number of people registering as Koebitai volunteers has slowed. Most likely many volunteers have already been recruited for concurrent related events. But if you read this and have even half a day to offer, especially on weekdays, please do contact the Koebitai Office and let them know:

It is the kindness and dedication of the Koebitai volunteers that bonds the visitors to art and to the islands. We therefore desperately need your help. If you can take a paid leave of absence on a weekday or find some other way to make time, your help would be most appreciated.

The Triennale grows more interesting every day. The average length of stay for visitors is now more than two days. Come and experience it for yourself, and participate as a supporter. By doing so, you will help make the world a better place.