2019.05.23 《More info》26(Sun) May: Lion Dance: Sanuki Tradition - entering a new era

We will inform you the details of official Event E26
Lion Dance: Sanuki Tradition - entering a new era, which will be performed at tent space of Takamatsu sunport on 26(Sun) May.

26 MAY (Sun) 2019


The tent space of Takamatsu sunport

Admission fee:

The performer:
・Ayagawa town- Ryonan family lion dance preservation association Nakasuzi lion group(Intangible cultural properties designated by Kagawa Prefecture)
・Mitoyo city- Shichiho Koryu honmura a married couple lion dance preservation association (Intangible cultural properties designated by Mitoyo city)
・Takamatsu city- Sanuki takamatsu lion group
・Miki town- Nijo lion dance
・Sanuki city- Kabenakasuzi lion preservation association
・Higashi kagawa city- Ochiai performing arts preservation association

・Please make sure you will bring your hat or cap and drinks to protect yourself against hot weather.
・In the case of cancellation due to rain, we will announce on official website. Please contact Setouchi Triennale General Information Center (tel 087-813-2244) whenever you find something unclear.

About Sanuki-Lion dance
An association comprising individuals and groups who are proud of more than 400 years of history with as many as 1200 performing groups of Sanuki Shishimai seeks to make the art known to the public and leave the legacy to future generations. They also pursue to help improve the local community and promote the local culture, tradition, and communications among different generations.