2019.05.20 26( Sun) May: Notice of traffic regulation in Shodoshima. (Sakate-Kusakabe, Furue-Tanoura)

For the 42nd 2019 Shodoshima Olive Marathon National Convention held on Sunday, May 26 (Sun), traffic will be controlled between Sakate-Kusakabe and Furue-Tanoura in Shodoshima.
Accordingly, the Shodoshima Olive Bus Regular Line (Sakate-Kusakabe / Tanoura) will also be temporarily suspended (including temporary bus).

Please be careful if you come to the artwork of Sakate port, Kusakabe port, Tanoura peninsula and around Hishio-no-sato.

If you plan to visit Shodoshima on that day, we will suggest how to enjoy Shodoshima during the traffic regulation time zone!

1)In the morning, travel around the northern part of Shodoshima (Kitaura, Obe, Fukuda)
The area subject to traffic regulation on that day is the southeastern part of Shodoshima. You can use time effectively by seeing the artworks of the northern part of Shodoshima (Kitaura, Obe, Fukuda, etc.) during this time. At Fukutake House in Fukuda area, a limited lunch of 40 meals will be provided!

・Kitaura area「Dynamite Traverse Variations」(Chichibu Avant-Garde)
・Obe area 「Beyond the Border - Wave」(Lin Shuen Long(林舜龍)) etc
・At neighboring FUKUTAKE HOUSE-ASIA ART PLATFORM, Fukuda-Asia restaurant, you can enjoy korean foods「Jeyuk Bokkeum(spicy stir-fried pork) Ssambap( rice wrap) set meal」and drinks.

2)Using a boat between Olive Beach (Olive navi Shodoshima) and Twenty-four eyes movie studio

Drive to the vicinity of Shodoshima Olive Park, park your car at Olivenavi Shodoshima , and you can go to Twenty-four eyes movie studio by ferry.
Please check here for details of operation information.