Spring | March 20th [Sun] — April 17th [Sun]

Summer | July 18th [Mon] — September 4th [Sun]

Autumn | October 8th [Sat] — November 6th [Sun]

Total Days Held : 108


12 islands of the Seto Inland Sea + Takamatsu and Uno Naoshima / Teshima / Megijima / Ogijima / Shodoshima / Oshima / Inujima / Shamijima [Spring Only] / Honjima [Autumn Only] /Takamijima [Autumn Only] / Awashima [Autumn Only] / Ibukijima [Autumn Only] / Takamatsu port and Uno port

Organizer | Setouchi Triennale Executive Committee

President | Keizo Hamada [Governor of Kagawa Prefecture]

Honorary President | Takeki Manabe [Former Governor of Kagawa Prefecture]

Vice President | Katsuhiko Takesaki [President of Kagawa Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry]Hideto Onishi [Mayor of Takamatsu]

General Producer | Soichiro Fukutake [Chairman of the Board, Fukutake Foundation]

General Director | Fram Kitagawa [Art Director]

Restoration of the Sea

The Seto Inland Sea has long been an important nexus of transportation. Boats from the mainland came and went, bringing new cultures and lifestyles to the islands dotting the Sea. Since then, the islands have developed their own unique culture, which remain today, set against the backdrop of tradition.

However, in today’s globalizing world, the islands are losing their unique characteristics because of the aging of the populations on the islands and the decline of the local area’s vitality.

We are holding the International Art Festival, “Setouchi Triennale” in hope of bringing this vitality back to these islands, where nature and the lifestyles of the people have coalesced together. We aim to make the Seto Inland Sea a “Sea of Hope” for the world.