The Shiwaku sailors of Honjima once possessed superior navigation skills, and historical relics of the ninmyo magistrates can still be found on this island. Art activities will be held emphasizing the preservation of the island’s local history.

Transportation on the Island

Honjima Port is the only port on the island. A pleasant walk from the port will not only take you to many of the art sites but also to Siwaku Kinbansho, which served as the political center of the island for several centuries, and the historical Kasashima district with over 100 restored Edo and Meiji period buildings. The walk to Yagama is quite far and, as there are few buses.

Coin Lockers

JR Marugame station lockers from 5:00-24:00; 300 yen to 700 yen.

Accommodations around Honjima

There are some hotels in Marugame city, Kagawa.
Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association

Further Information

Honjima only participate in the Autumn period of the Triennale.

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