The island of Naoshima is renowned as a mecca of contemporary art presented in unique settings such as the Benesse House Museum, the Art House Project and the Chichu Art Museum.

Transportation on the Island

There are two ports on Naoshima: Miyanoura and Honmura. Art sites are located in three areas: Miyanoura, Honmura and the Benesse House vicinity. The local bus is convenient for traveling between these three areas. To enjoy the sites to the fullest, combine taking the bus with walking. There are many art sites as well as museums on the island, so we recommend that you allow enough time to enjoy each one.
Benesse Art Site Naoshima Official Website

Coin Lockers / Baggage Check

Miyanoura Port Terminal [Marine station Naoshima]

Outdoor lockers accessible 24 hours/day; 200 yen to 500 yen.
Indoor lockers from 5:30-20:30; 200 yen.

Accommodations in Naoshima

Benesse House
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Further Information

There will be many visitors during Triennale, We recommend that you give yourself plenty of time.



Benesse House Area