Ibukijima is the only place in Japan where the dialect of the Heian period still thrives. Here, activities will take place that make use of the island’s flourishing fishing culture and its long history.

Getting Around the Island

Located about 25 minutes away from Kanonji port, Maura Port is the only port on the island, and it is lined with landing piers for fishing boats. Triennale visitors can enjoy the art sites on foot as the wander through each district. Kanonji port can be reached about 10 minutes from JR Kanonji station by bus during the Triennale.

Coin Lockers

JR Kanonji station lockers accessible 24 hours/day; 300 yen to 400 yen.

Accommodations around Ibukijima

There are some hotels in Kanonji city, Kagawa.
Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association

Further Information

Ibukijima only participate in the Autumn period of the Triennale.

Community Area