Photo:Takashi Homma

Photo:Takashi Homma


Kohei Nawa

Kazuyo Sejima

Yuko Hasegawa

Artwork No. in01-B

Inujima "Art House Project" F-Art House / "Biota(Fauna/Flora)"

A house adjacent to a shrine was dismantled and all salvageable materials were used for the renovation. For the previous edition of the Triennale, Kohei Nawa presented Biota (Fauna/Flora) in this gallery. Three years later, Fauna is growing. From now on, the work will demonstrate how new life metamorphoses over long periods of time.

Artistic Director: Yuko Hasegawa | Architecture: Kazuyo Sejima

The Inujima Art House Project
The Inujima Art House Project fuses art and architecture with the island landscape, way of life, and people. Five Art House galleries and one rest stop are scattered around the village.

Art Information

Artwork Location Inujima Community Area
Hours 9:00-16:30 (Last admittance 16:00)
Closed Tuesdays (March 1 - November 30) | Tuesdays to Thursdays (December 1 - last day of February) | *Open on national holidays but closed the next day. | *Open on Tuesdays when Monday falls on a national holiday but closed on the next day.
Admission 2,060 yen | *Admission to Inujima Seirensho Art Museum and Inujima Life Garden included. | *free for children 15 and under.
Notes The buildings are permanent works, but the exhibits are changed at irregular intervals. | Management: Fukutake Foundation | Inujima Art House Project official website>


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