Akarui Heya


A unit formed by Flower Designer, Yutaka Kizaki* and Community Garden Planner, Atsuo Hashizume, setting up shop in Shinagawa, Tokyo in 2005. Working around the theme "The joy of living with plants", the duo presents a range of activities to enjoy plants on various scales "from flowers bouquets to landscapes". Moved their production base to Inujima (Okayama Prefecture) in 2016 to develop a new lifestyle based on “all that plants can achieve". Representative planting projects to date include, "Kabaya Coffee" (2009, Tokyo), Inujima "Art House Project" S Art-House, A Art-House, I Art-House (2010, Okayama), "The Museum of Modern Japanese Literature" (2012, Tokyo), "SCAI THE BATHHOUSE" (2013, Tokyo), "S House Museum" (2016, Okayama).
* Mr. Kizaki passed away in February 2017.