The TARA project begins in 2003 with the purpose of surveying and protecting of the marine environment. It engages in a voyage with scientists and artists on all seas and oceans of the world. The schooner, named TARA, studies about the climatic changes and the marine environment. TARA works for developing environmental awareness.

Etienne Bourgois, CEO of Agnès b, initiated the TARA ocean survey project to grow awareness of the environmental vulnerability.

Researchers of the North Pole ecology group (GREA) boarded the ship, and researched on the situation in northeastern Greenland.

TARA made 6 explorations to Greenland, the South Pole, Patagonia and South Georgia.

TARA explored South Georgia with the « Montagne du Silence » group. A mountaineering group mixing hard of hearing members and non handicapped ones, in the footsteps of explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Artist Sebastião Salgado and Pierre Huyghe boarded for the South Pole. Brazilian photographer Salgado boarded TARA to carry out his project “Genesis” and French artist Huyghe joined to shoot a film: “A Journey That Wasn’t”.

“TARA north Pole project”: TARA navigated 2600km on the Arctic Ocean for 570 days as part of the European research program “DAMOCLES”.

“TARA marine project” “TARA the Arctic Circle project”: TARA carried out science exploring for 30 months to research about the plankton ecosystem and its vulnerability to climatic change. TARA navigated around the Arctic Ocean for educational and scientific purposes.

“TARA Mediterranean exploring project”: TARA carried out scientific experimentations by researching on plastic waste contamination in the Mediterranean sea and developing awareness of the local environmental issues.

A first main result of TARA marine project was featured in the science magazine “Science”.

“TARA the Pacific Ocean project”: TARA researched coral reefs in the Asia-Pacific region.