Maki Ohkojma


Masters degree of the Graduate School of Joshibi University of Art and Design in 2011. Major awards include the Tokyo Wonder Wall Award (2009) and the VOCA Encouragement Award (2014).
Major exhibitions in recent years are solo exhibition "Bird, sing the earth song with my bones" (Dai-ichi Life Gallery, Tokyo, 2015), "The relation between picture and word is the beginning of the tale" (Art Museum & Library, Ota, Gunma, 2017), “Sleep of everything, blood vessels of the earth” (Open creation of Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo, 2017), “Agros Art Project Harvest of Tomorrow” (Aomori Prefectural Art Museum, Aomori, ongoing from 2017) In addition, she participated in project of the marine research vessel Tara sponsored by agnes b., creating original drawing of the planetarium all-sky 88 constellation of Tamarokuto Science Center, the ceiling painting dedication to Minamisawa Hikawa Shrine and many others.