Kohei Izutsu / Daiya Aida

"Kohei Idutsu" Photo left
Born in 1975. Representative director of sonraku Co,.Ltd. that is hotel + energy company ·
While managing woody biomass business and “Awakura Onsen Motoyu”in Nishi-awakura village, Okayama, and “mamma” in Teshima, Kagawa, he travels around Japan to consult in fields of re-energy, bathhouse, hostel, and local venture development. His co-authors include "Changing the world of energy. Work of 22 people (Academic Publishing)" and "Let's design a sustainable way of life (Akashi Shoten publishing)".
Doctor degree (Environmental Studies). Lives in Kobe City.

"Daiya Aida" Photo right
Museum educator / workshop designer.
Starting with museums such as Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM], while planning projects for educational planning outside of the school and creating new park that user create ideas, he also exhibits such as "ROLLING @ TAG" (GOODMAN ARTS CENTRE / Singapore) "Miru-kokoruo Miru Kaerimiru" (Gifu Art Museum). Isetan Shinjuku Main Store cocoiku planning supervision, VIVISTOP Kashiwa-no-ha planning supervision, etc.

This project is the first collaboration for these two artists.