KOSUGE1-16 is an artist unit of Chishino Kurumada and Takashi Tsuchiya from 2001. Currently based in Sagawa-cho, Kochi Prefecture.
Focusing on the formation of habitus (like a common annual rings) inherent in the relationship between a certain land and people, and KOSUGE1-16 are trying to re-function in a lively form. Through the project, they create a relationship called "Give and Take" between participants or artworks and participants.

[Major solo exhibitions, projects]
2018 M Ω CHI, SCRAMBLE, Kochi Prefectural Art Museum
2016-2018 PLAY MAKERS SENDAI, Sendai Mediatheque
2012 THE PLAYMAKERS, mac Birmingham (UK)

[Major group exhibitions]
2014 Ichihara Art x Mix 2014
2010 Aichi Triennale 2010